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Game-changing cloud-based
aquaculture management platform



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Cobália has been created together with Danish fish farmers

Co-creation involves end-users and relevant stakeholders when developing new digital solutions.

Throughout the development process, participants contribute with ideas and concepts to create game-changing tools that meet fish farmers’ actual daily operation requirements.

Our goal has been to develop a user-friendly and easy-to-use system that the fish farmer could quickly adopt.

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Functions and features

Collect all your production data

- Get LIVE updates with warnings and alarms

- Manage feeding, grading, biomass, casualties

- Register stock, parameters, additives, samples

- Gain insight from various useful data reports

Eliminate the paperwork

- Track & trace online

- Planning of tasks

- Quick online, individual adjustments

- Easy control and fast overview for all users

Be in the know - and in control

  • Save time with our groundbreaking work tool – right on your mobile

  • Safe access to information with our QR-code tags

  • Retrieve quick and important data – everywhere, also by your tanks

  • Only by invitation for your partners, workers and associates


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In active use since day one

Cobália was officially released in 2021 at the Aqua Nor exhibition. However, ever since we started the development of the system, we have had and still have active users globally in aquaculture - land-based and sea.

Today, fish farmers use the system actively in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.



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